Restaurant & Cafe

Jin Jin Restaurant

Besides the flora & fauna, you can satisfy your taste bud with butterfly farm subsidiary – Jin Jin Restaurant. Jin Jin Restaurant serves a wide range of food from western to chinese cuisine. Jin Jin Steamboat Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Cameron Highlands. Jin Jin provide wide range of food to satisfy your taste […]


Tropical Flower Garden

Tropical Flower Garden comprises of many common and rare species of wild tropical rainforest plants which allow visitors to have a close up shot without going to the jungle. Imagine yourself entering the garden of fairy tales different colours & types of flowers surrounding you, wouldn’t it be great if you can modelling with them? […]


Insects Exhibition

Live Insect’s house is the major exhibition place for the amazing insects from Malaysia Tropica Rainforest. Visitor will definitely bring home with an experience of a life time here with all these lovely insects. The interesting things of butterfly farm are a good collection of beetles that are on display; they had on display, Cheirotonus […]


Come Butterfly Farm @ Cameron Highlands

Butterfly Farm, there are various species of butterflies & other insects on display. They are a great place to view such rare species of butterflies as the Raja Brooke butterfly, which in turn is regarded as the national butterfly of the country. Creating beautiful flashes of color when gathered in large groups, Rajah Brooke’s birdwing […]

Restaurant & Cafe

Strawberry Kiosk

Various type of strawberry refreshments and snacks from Cameron Highlands serve in strawberry kiosk. Among the favorites are Fresh strawberry juice / strawberry milkshake / snowflake / honey strawberry and chocolate strawberry. This kiosk is an ideal place to rest and gain information about Cameron Highlands such as accommodation, eating out, tours & travel and […]


Live Butterfly House

  The live butterfly house exhibiting around 40 species of live butterflies from Malaysia Tropical Rainforest. The most genuises are from the family of Papilionidae, Danaidae, Pieridae and Nymphalidae. Visitors may get to know the life cycle of butterfly, their habitat and their influence to the eco system. Tropical plants are mainly planted here as […]


History of Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands (Malay: Tanah Tinggi Cameron, Chinese: 金马崙高原, Tamil: கேமரன் மலை) isMalaysia’s most extensive hill station. It occupies an area of 712 square kilometres (275 sq mi). To the north, its boundary touches that of Kelantan; to the west, it shares part of its border with Perak. Situated at the northwestern tip of Pahang, the “Camerons” is approximately 90 kilometres (56 mi) from Ipoh, roughly 200 kilometres (120 mi) from Kuala […]